Service ranging from major construction projects to well site servicing, automation, panel shop and maintenance.

At THOMAS Electrical & Instrumentation, we believe that the best way to grow and succeed in Alberta’s fast paced oil and gas industry is by ensuring that we take care of our customer’s needs and expectations.

Ensuring our clients are taken care of from the start of the project through to completion is the reason why our customers are requesting THOMAS to be the electrical and instrumentation solution for their company’s needs.

THOMAS Electrical & Instrumentation provides full service for:

  • Module Construction
  • Field & Site Installation
  • Maintenance & Shut Down
  • EHT, Design, Engineering & Installation

THOMAS’ industry leading quality assurance, ABSA pressure piping certification program and documentation combined with our high Health, Safety and Environmental standards provide our clients with assurance and peace of mind that THOMAS is the right conclusion.