Our Experience Working for You

THOMAS Group has become a leader in the mechanical insulation business throughout Western Canada. Our company values the importance of the relationships we have built while dealing with our clients and partners. We take great pride in our accomplishments and continue to build on them every day.

We can apply Mechanical Insulation for Piping, Vessels, Equipment and Ducting, as well as Muffler Exhaust Systems and Acoustic Applications.

Other types of Pipe Insulation include:

Industrial Insulation Foam Glass Insulation
Steam Pipe Insulation Aerogel Insulation
Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation Insulation Wrap
Exhaust Pipe Insulation Pipe Wrap Insulation
Steam Line Insulation Boiler Pipe Insulation
Tank Wrap Insulation Polyurethane Pipe Insulation


THOMAS Group and its insulation division has received many Safety Leadership Awards from various work sites throughout the years. Our commitment to Safety 24/7 is our number one goal and something we all take great pride in.

Beyond our commitment to Safety 24/7, the true strength of the THOMAS Group is in our management team and the experience they bring forward to the insulation industry.