Project Management

THOMAS Group Inc. has developed an insulation estimating system that is capable of pricing, progressing and billing projects in various ways.

THOMAS Group Inc. currently employs ten (10) in-house Project Managers who can manage a wide range of project sizes, seamlessly from the original estimating, through pricing, progressing and billing.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, pricing progressing and billing can be performed lump sum, by plant area, by line number or by isometric.

All this data is extracted from our original take-off which is created in an Excel format. Schedules are constructed with the use of Microsoft Project.

All pricing and progressing is performed on-site, which eliminates any delays in forwarding the information to the customer.


Our estimating pool is very deep and comprised of an optimum mix of senior managers, estimators and field engineers; all of which share the workload which gives us superior on site project management.

  • We have the ability to tender any size project including the “mega” projects and have successfully completed many in the past 10 years.
  • Our team of senior estimators have well over 150 years combined experience.
  • We use our own proprietary estimating software which was designed and custom built to suit our individual needs. It also gives THOMAS Group Inc. the ability to customize it to meet any customer/job requirements
  • Estimates available on a lump sum, unit price, fixed fee or cost reimbursable format.
  • Detailed Schedules constructed with Microsoft Projects.


  • Garth Allen
  • Doug Carey
  • Marcelo Casanova
  • Dale Delawski
  • Bonnie-Lou Delawski
  • Evan DeVries
  • Cory Evans
  • Curtis Hartmann
  • Corey Hooper
  • Dave Davis
  • Dave Jones
  • Bill Kaszuba
  • Kevin Lattery
  • Lyle LaDuke
  • Adam McLaughlan
  • Scott Morris
  • Dan O’Connor
  • Ashley Orban
  • Pius Orban
  • Robert Rothacker
  • Sam Savill
  • Neil Sharra
  • Greg Taylor
  • Marc Vanderweyst